About us.

Founded in 2018, focused on delivering excellence for SMEs.

Who are Solved?

We are a UK based Google partner web design and marketing agency that specialises in helping small to medium-sized businesses with their web design and marketing challenges. Our small but highly experienced team have significant experience across the following marketing disciplines:

We help our clients across the UK & USA drive long-term growth with our proactive, data-driven approach. Our technical expertise, knowledge and cutting-edge tools ensure that you get the most out of your marketing investment.


Solved was founded in 2018 by James after working in the marketing industry for over 10 years. It was during these years that he saw companies prioritising sales over what was actually right for the businesses they were “advising” or using shady sales tactics to win business.

As an example SEO agencies would push SEO when SEO was not necessarily the right marketing investment for a particular client at that moment in time. Or web design companies would offer a low price to win business and then hit a client with “extras”.

James wanted to be different and knew that to be able to truly offer clients an honest recommendation he would need to start a marketing agency that was multi-disciplined and not biased by offering one service and find people that believed in the same values.

Our values.

We are driven to be different from marketing businesses that focus on short-term profits. Our values are non-negotiable and we believe that by staying true to them we will continue to grow our existing relationships and build mutually beneficial relationships with new clients.

Any recommendations or advice we give should be honest and our clients interests must be put first. Would you recommend what you are recommending to your mum?

We will never use shady pricing tactics or hide any costs.

All work delivered by us should be completed to the best of our ability and we will never cut corners.

We will never make unrealistic promises to win business. Any projections or estimates we provide will be realistic and what we believe is honestly achievable.

Want to chat?

We would love to hear from you and discuss any web design or marketing challenges you have to see if we are genuinely a good fit for your business.

James - Founder